December 20, 2009

My Multitude Monday #2

holy experience

As with last week, I'm joining in with the Gratitude Community. Picking up where I left off...
15. time spent in fellowship with friends
16. DH having days off for Christmas
17. Christmas goodies sent via mail
18. a son who sees the wonder of Christmas
19. a temporary stop to the rain (we have flood warnings here)
20. the joy that comes when a loved one likes their gift
21. compliments
22. a good cup of hot tea
23. people who are often cheerful
24. a new light in my bathroom
25. the chance to daydream about house projects to come
26. a husband who tries to have a few surprise Christmas gifts for me each year
27. the Word made flesh
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1 comment:

  1. "new light in my bathroom" isn't it amazing what a new light can do!


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