December 22, 2009

Christmas Pictures at Home

Every other year, we save the expense of professional pictures by having my dad take a picture of us for our Christmas cards. There are some cons of this approach, however.
Such as figuring out how to elevate short people without the stool being visible.

Or not having the cords for the Christmas tree in the background.

There's also the pesky problem of arranging the background so that people are centered.
The most challenging, however, is getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time.
Without having more than one chin.
Or a weird glow from the light above.
And then you have to make sure that the people are spaced well.

At some point, you get a picture that meets most of the criteria, and say, "Good enough!"
And a little photoshopping never hurt, either! ;)


  1. Ha! This is too funny. I know how hard it is to get a good picture of just Shane and me, much less if we had a child to worry about! Looks like it turned out great!!!

  2. Ha!
    This one made me laugh. We had a very similar photo session in our house this year too!

    Love them all :)

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!


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