October 29, 2008

S'FMtY: Scary Spirit Week

This week's edition is themed: scary pics. While I think all of my 10-14 pictures are scary, I'm sticking with costumes. You may remember my undying love for costumes from previous posts. As a child, I lived for Spirit Week each year at my school, because it was the one chance I had to dress up in costume. Here are some of my favorite costumes from high school:
Tacky Day - I won first place that year. If you look closely in the picture, you can see the ribbon hanging around my neck. I think this is probably my scariest picture, other than my 7th grade class picture.
Historical Day - I believe we were supposed to be a specific person, but I just went as a queen. I borrowed the dress and cape from a friend. At the time, I don't think I realized how bad my outfit clashed. Pretty scary. Especially the weird bow centered in front. What's up with that?
Historical Day - this is the following year. I was a hippie, in case you couldn't tell. In the spirit of authenticity, I had made fake LSD stamps and rolled fake joints for my jacket pocket. Did I ever mention that I went to a freakishly small Christian school as a kid? This outfit wasn't scary, but I think I should have scared some people with my quest for authenticity.
Career Day - this is the same year as the hippie. I went as a homeless bum, complete with track marks drawn on my arms with eyeliner, and dirt smudged on my face. Not really scary, but this outfit, along with the previous one, should have set off a few alarms with my pharmaceutical interests...
In 1998, this was not scary. However, post 9-11, this outfit does scare a lot of people. This outfit was not entirely authentic, I admit. My outfit was the wrong color and my veil wasn't opaque. I believed I borrowed this outfit from my church's Christmas pageant. I sure am thankful that I don't live in a country where I have to wear this everyday...


  1. Ohhhh....this is good stuff. Good stuff, I tell ya'!

  2. The hippie is my favorite, however the last one is scary to think that those poor woman have to live their lifes like that.

  3. You were so cute! I too loved Spirit Weeks at school. :)

  4. Love the pictures. I remember spirit week at school. I didn't get too involved. But I remember other kids that went ALL OUT for them. My clearest memory was being shocked at how much some of the boys looked like girls the day they "switched genders"...

  5. I was there for all of that. Except the queen. Good old days!!!

  6. That is what I call a plethora of SCARY!

    Wow. I'm speechless.....

    due to laughter!

  7. Loved the "will work for food" costume. Clever. Very clever.

  8. Great pictures! I love the homeless bum outfit! You managed to come up with some interesting costumes!

  9. You were very creative with your costumes!

    BTW, I think I have the blue bedroom slippers you're wearing in the first pic.

    Maybe I shouldn't admit that? I like them though!

  10. Those are hilarious. Love tacky day!

    P.S. There's a little Halloween treat (blog award) for all my bloggin' friends over at my place when you have a chance to pop by.


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