October 22, 2008

S'FMtY: Dress Up

Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I like to dress up. Dress up as in donning a costume, not as in going to formal events. If there is an occasion I can wear a costume for, I will. I really wish there were more costume events in life.
I don't remember when I first started dressing up, but it was fairly young. Here is a picture of me when I was 4, wearing my mom's clothes. Stylish, wasn't I? Considering it was 1985, the outfit wasn't too bad.

Just to show that the dress up gene must run in the family, here is a picture I took of BB this week:
He loves to put on shoes, especially his daddy's shoes. He has a way to go before the shoes fit his feet - and he has to learn which shoe for which foot! For more Sincerely 'Fro Me to You, check out We are THAT family!


  1. LOL CUTE! My Corban does that, too, and clomps around the house saying "Shoe! Shoe!" ANd we all clap like he's walked on the moon. We're easily amused and impressed. ;-)

  2. you were so "grown up there"..very mature pose also ;D

  3. I LOVE the dress up gene!

    My kids have it too. Just this morning, my toddler sat on the potty with underpants---on her head.

  4. I almost posted about dressing up, then I chose to humiliate myself with what I put up. :)

  5. Who doesn't love a little dress up? Cute pics!

  6. Kids love dress up! I always wanted to buy my kids those little trunks with like 15 dress up outfits in it. I never did though because where would I have put it?

    Adorable pics!

  7. You posted on my blog about your coupon method. Just wanted to thank you for your input. I have been doing the box with index cards, but I'm usually holding a baby in a sling and it didnt seem to be working. Were you finding it was taking a long time to file?

  8. Look how cute you are!

    Cakes likes to clop around in my shoes too, but she usually falls on her face, which makes me very nervous. After all, she already has two chipped teeth...she doesn't need more.

  9. So cute! Love your outfit. Cute pic of your little guy wearing those big shoes. It always makes me laugh when my kids do that.

    p.s. Thanks for the advice earlier in the week. I do need to figure out how to cut back on some things. In the meantime, I like your cooking 3 times a week and freezing stuff idea. That would help a lot!


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