April 26, 2011

Hall Light

Almost as soon as I saw the two lines on the stick, I knew it was time to make some more changes to our house. Specifically, the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. Someone had previously installed this light on the wall in the hallway:

Every time I saw this light, I couldn't help but think that it belonged outside at a beach motel. In addition to the style not being what I would have picked out, the light wasn't very efficient:

True, the hallway did get brighter, but I never really had a need to illuminate 6" of the hallway ceiling. Not to mention that the placement of the light prohibited us from hanging more pictures in the hallway. Since there is soon to be another reason for pictures, this problem had to be fixed.

Moving the light from the wall to the ceiling took a bit of doing, but DH was up to the task. Our hallway is now actually lit, AND I can see so much better into the hall closet!

But best of all, moving the light allowed us to add 10 more picture frames :D


  1. I LOOOVE how you put the frames on the wall! Very eclectic and just plain awesome! Good choice moving the light!


  2. Hall Lights have never been so interesting.


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