November 10, 2010

WFMW: Making Sense of Leftovers

As I planned out my November meal plan, I couldn't help but notice how many things look the same once frozen. My vegetarian soup looks remarkably like chili, my bags of chicken stock look like my bags of vegetable stock, etc. Then I remembered a nifty little invention:

freezer tape!

From now on, when I store leftovers in the freezer, I am going to write what it is and how many servings the container holds. This should make future meal plans a snap. Just to prove once more that labels Works for Me!

you don't have to buy actual freezer tape, btw; I just use regular masking tape


  1. Great idea! BTW, still working on your prize. Have had a lot going on, but hope to get it to you by next week.

  2. I have been so out of it that I don't even have anything left in the freezer! :) Thank you for the thoughtful words you left on my blog this morning.

  3. Another fun tip: Once your BB gets big enough, he can be the one to label everything! Mine are often hanging out in the kitchen with me while I work (if I haven't scared them off too much with dishing out jobs), and they're always willing to pull out the masking tape and make 10 "browned ground beef" or 8 "vegetable puree" stickers.


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