November 15, 2010

My Multitude Monday #28

What does it mean to give thanks - in all things? The Bible speaks of giving a "sacrifice of praise." WHY is that important?
If we only praised when things were going our way, our praise would be hollow. Yes, give thanks when blessings come, when you are happy. But it's easy thanks. God doesn't want us to do just the easy stuff. Easy stuff leads to no growth.
Giving thanks in the midst of a storm is hard. When things refuse to go according to plan, giving thanks goes against all human nature. When all you want to do is cry out, "WHY?" giving thanks can seem cruel. But give thanks anyway. When you give thanks for what you do have, and you stop focusing on what you don't have, it can change your mood and your outlook on life.
Right now, my hopes are once more crushed. Once again, I am reminded that there are things in my life that are beyond my control. With that in mind, I give thanks:

#319. wrapping presents
#320. meaningful Christmas presents
#321. stuffed shoe boxes without an inch to spare
#322. wood fires
#323. fall afternoon walks with BB
#324. Playdoh
#325. Kleenex
#326. free music streaming over the internet
#327. strawberry butter cream frosting
#328. I am not in charge of my life - because I don't think I would do a very good job
#329. Grace - both given and anticipated, someday

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  1. I'm sorry for whatever has happened to leave you hurting . . . but the fragrance of your thanksgiving will surely be even more pleasing to our Father. And such a beautiful list!


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