September 11, 2010

A Decade

10 years ago today, DH and I started dating. I had my doubts about our relationship. I thought that DH would break up with me. But he didn't. When I had doubts, he was confident. When I felt unworthy of his love, he reaffirmed me.
If 9-11 hadn't happened, I doubt that DH and I would still celebrate our dating anniversary. Yet celebrating our life together each year on 9-11 has become one small way of showing that the American spirit can't be snuffed out. We will always remember what happened on 9-11. We will always morn the loss of life. But we will never stop supporting, never stop celebrating what we hold dear: God, family, and country.

Christmas formal, 2000
In high school, I never had a date ask me to a dance or prom. So my first formal with a date was with my Beloved.

August 12, 2001
DH had planned on proposing on our one-year anniversary. But he couldn't wait that long. The day after he proposed, I had my mom take some pictures of us. Some of the pictures were dressed up, but others, like this, was in reference to DH's country upbringing.

June 22, 2002
I love this picture. I love that I am smiling as DH leans in to kiss me at our wedding. So many things went wrong with our wedding, but we got the vows right ;)

May 2003
Our first year of marriage found DH working and me finishing my senior year of college. Not exactly the best way to spend your first year of marriage, but we survived. I will forever associate our first year of marriage with hot dogs and Godzilla movies ;p

In our 10 year together, we've moved from our parent's homes to 3 separate dwellings of our own. We've been through weddings and funerals. We've even sported some fabulous looks, such as when DH decided to grow his hair out,

June, 2004

or when we've dressed in costume (as Miss Haversham and Mankind for a masquerade party).

We hoped and prayed for parenthood, and we have embraced the changes that come with that, like sleep-deprivation and mood swings.

We don't have too much time just to ourselves anymore. Most of our "dates" come as a result of a birthday or wedding:

But we are loving this 3 people life.


To the boy who asked me out,
the man who made me his wife,
the husband who made me a mother,
the father who works for our future -
thank you for the best decade of my life to date.
I can't wait for the next 10, 20, 30 and beyond -
with you.


  1. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing your "history". It was fun traveling through time with you!

  2. I loved reading your story and seeing your pictures. We always remember September 11th, too, because we had been married exactly a month when the tragedy took place.


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