June 22, 2010

My Wedding

  • The church I wanted to get married in wasn't large enough to accommodate DH's family.
  • My friend who sang at the wedding was dumped by her boyfriend on her way to the wedding rehearsal.
  • It started raining just as I arrived at the church, my hair and makeup done already.
  • When I got into the car after having my makeup done, I accidentally shut my veil in the car door, pulling it crooked. No one told me, and I didn't notice until we got the wedding pictures back.
  • I didn't realize that heavier makeup is needed for photos, so my wedding pictures look like I'm not wearing makeup. I didn't want to look THAT natural.
  • I wanted to wear my mom's wedding dress, but alterations weren't permitted.
  • I wanted to get married barefoot, but the cost to hem my dress that much led me to wear heels that killed my feet.
  • The florist disregarded my request for simple spring bouquets of daisies, roses and hydrangeas. Those flowers were present, but there was nothing simple about the arrangements.
  • DH and I wrote our own vows. I spoke loud enough for the audience to hear, while DH spoke so that I could hear. We both disagreed with how the other person spoke.
  • The minister was supposed to read 1 Corinthians 13 as a passage. Instead, he expounded in length about each part of the verse.
  • DH's youngest brother passed out during the closing prayer. The people taping our wedding edited it out.
  • We arranged for a nursery for children during the wedding. The teething twins came into the church anyway.
  • I wanted light finger foods for the reception - relish trays and finger sandwiches. I got fried chicken fingers, Swedish meatballs, and mini hotdogs in barbecue sauce.
  • The baker for my cake used hot pink icing instead of rose pink to trim the cake.
  • Just because someone has a fancy camera doesn't make them a photographer. There are some angles that are more flattering than others, and a good photographer knows this.
Despite all that, I loved my wedding. Because it all came down to this:

Happy 8th Anniversary, DH.


  1. Awww...happy anniversary! That picture is awesome. The menu made me laugh. I can totally relate. My husband's mom insisted on a friend of hers making these finger sandwiches - made quite the fuss over it. I guess she made them a few days ahead of time, so when the lady brought them to the reception, they were still FROZEN!!!

  2. And this is why we eloped.

    Great photo :) Happy Anniversary!

  3. Heather, this list is so funny. I don't have time to elabarate now, but I had several incidents happen as well. One I will mention is that my first cousin and his wife along with another first cousin (who was supposed to serve at one of the tables) and her mother had a fuss with Momma and left the reception. So there is a picture of a strange young woman who was a substitute serving along side with yet another first cousin. I have no idea who she is. My mother didn't let me know about this until sometime after the reception. Sweet Momma!

  4. that is quite a lengthy list of wedding snafus! Congratulations on getting past the less-than-picturesque start and celebrating 8 years!


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