September 9, 2010

Now THAT'S Convicting

As I cleaned out the cabinet where I store my videos, BB went through them.
"What's this one? Can I watch this one?" he asked, holding each video up.
Sometimes my answer was "Yes, but not right now. Mommy's busy." Other times, the answer was, "when you're a little older."
Then he came to one of my favorite movies -
"How about this one? Can I see it?"
"Um, not until you're a grown-up."
"Does it have garbage in it?"
"Garbage goes in the trash can. I'll go throw it away."
I couldn't really stop him, now could I? I couldn't tell him that it had garbage and then explain that I wanted to keep it. Because he was right - garbage does go in the trash.
Nothing has so clearly pointed out my flaws and shortcomings as having a child.

1 comment:

  1. Yep, I'd say that's pretty darn convicting. However, I LOVE Grease, and I don't think I could throw it away if I owned it. It ranks right on up there with Shag. LOL! But -- good for BB for keeping you accountable! :)


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