September 22, 2010

BB's Birth Story: Part 2

Part 1
At 8:00 PM July 6th, I reported as ordered to the hospital. After waiting over an hour for a room in a full capacity labor ward, I was admitted. An IV of fluids was started because I wasn't allowed to eat or drink while I was being induced. I wasn't too pleased with that, because I had already stopped eating and drinking a few hours before being admitted, per the doctor's orders. I had thrown up a few times since then, and I was really feeling thirsty. I hoped that the Pitocin, once started, would work quickly and I could eat and drink whatever I wanted without feeling sick. After the IV was started, the fetal monitor was strapped to me and I was told to lie in bed and not move, lest the monitor come off. This was exactly how I hadn't wanted to give birth.
The nurse who was first assigned to me was nice, albeit busy. The room across from me and next to me were both giving birth, and as I heard them scream, I told myself that I wasn't going to utter a sound when I finally gave birth.
At 11:00, the shifts changed and Nurse Ratched came in my room. She began the Pitocin via my IV and I was told to lie on my back and not move. This bit of advice confused me, because I had been told to not sleep on my back when pregnant. But then again, what did I know? She explained that she was going to be very busy that night, and that I shouldn't expect to see her much if at all. After a couple of hours, my back was hurting. I thought about buzzing the nurse's desk to ask them about me lying on my back, but Ratched had scared me off from wanting to impose on the staff.
I'm going to stop here and explain a bit: my parents had dropped me off at the hospital. At the time, DH was working 3:00-11:00 each day. He had just begun his job in May, so he didn't have any time accrued to take off. Since my induction was supposed to take a while, there was no perceived hurry for him to be there when I was admitted. I don't want any of you thinking that DH wasn't involved in BB's birth process!
DH finally arrived at the hospital and settled down for the night on a cot. My back was really starting to hurt, and I hoped that the pain meant that something was happening. Near the change of shift, the doctor appeared and checked me. I still hadn't started to efface or dilate. She upped my dose and told me that if there was still no change in a few hours, she would try me on a different type of medication. I took the opportunity to ask if I could please lay on my side, and she laughed, saying of course. Apparently, my night on my back was unnecessary. But at least I got to experience one of the sleepless hospital nights that everyone talks about. And my hospital room did have cable, which we didn't have at home.
The next few hours came and went, and the next medication was started in addition to the Pitocin. I remember that this medication hurt really badly, because it wasn't administered via an IV, and my doctor had fat hands with short fingers. Now that I'm thinking about that, I wonder why a doctor with hands like that chose that specialty. Wouldn't a different field be more appropriate? The new medication had to be administered every few hours, which gave me a way to pass the time by dreading the next application. At the end of day 2, I was still not effaced or dilated. I was told that if nothing changed during the night, there was a third medication to try. The third medication was viewed by the doctor as a last resort, especially since I had already had so much Pitocin. She was concerned that the third medication, which tended to cause fast births, would cause an even faster one due to the Pitocin I had received. She took me off of the Pitocin and told me that the second medication would still be applied every few hours during the night.
Part 3

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  1. Wow! Doesn't sound like a very pleasant start to labor. I've always wondered why some nurses say to lay on your back during labor or while pushing when that is exactly what they tell you not to do during pregnancy.


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