February 8, 2010

My Multitude Monday #7

holy experience

70. modern medicine
71. having the time to slow down and take a rest
72. being my "own boss," so to speak - no pressure work when sick - the dust won't go anywhere in my absence
73. being able to cancel school when life intervenes
74. Happy Hour at Sonic :)
75. starting the membership class at our new church
76. rethinking old ideas
77. Valentine's Day
78. reading stories I loved as a child to my son
79. lemon curd


  1. Are you all going to a different church now?

  2. i was so sad when my children out grew children's
    stories....oh well, someday we will have grands...

  3. I love Sonic Happy Hours too! They make the best Cherry Cokes don't they?


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