January 11, 2010

A Year of Prayer

Brooke Prayer

Thank you for my son. Help me to always be thankful for him, to be patient with him. Help me to be the type of mother that he needs in order to grow up to be the man that You want him to be. Help him to live up to his name's meaning, "faithful that the Lord is God." Help him to be strong in his convictions, to have courage to stay the course. Help him to resist temptations and the lure of acceptance. Make him fearless, Lord, when it comes to his faith; for standing up for what is right. Mold him into a leader, an honorable man. Help him to become a good husband, a good father. Be with his wife. Shield her. Give her a happy childhood. Help her to come to the marriage with a joyful heart, without any baggage. Help my son to avoid the mistakes made by his father and I. Break the generational yokes that have been passed down, both known and unknown. Watch over and protect. Hold him in the palm of Your hand.
In Jesus' Name,

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  1. I saw your comment for the picture giveaway and thought Id lookie at your blog as these are many Christian women who have commented. That is a lovely prayer unto the Lord! ox


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