January 12, 2010

Ugly but Cheap

No, that's not the name of the new country song ;) This past summer, I happened upon a great teapot with matching creamer (sadly, no sugar bowl). Since we've been having a cold spell here, I've been putting my teapot to good use just about every day.

I wanted a tea cozy to keep my tea warm, but the ones at our local British shoppe were all still Christmas. I found some really cute ones on etsy, and some expensive ones on ebay. After examining how they're made, I decided to see if I could make one myself for free.

I took a ratty dishtowel and cut off the hem to use as the insulating layer.

Then I took 2 cloth napkins that had seen better days and I tacked the dishtowel in between. After sewing two of the sides closed, I had this:

which just so happens to be the perfect height and width for my teapot :) It's not pretty, but for zero dollars, it looks pretty good to me!


  1. Yippee! Very frugal and creative.
    I think it looks great!

  2. Love it! We drink LOTS of tea and coffee in the winter, too!

  3. Hot tea is such a treat on these cold winter days. How ingenious of you to design your own tea cozy!
    And speaking of ingenious, thanks for sharing your *great* ideas for nursing a sick child in my comment section. You must be a very inventive mom!


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