October 19, 2009

Parenting Advice Needed

BB has started a new thing that I'm not crazy about. Whenever I ask him a question, he repeats what I asked him instead of answering me. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to stop? He was previously answering questions, and he thinks that his new thing is hilarious. I do not. Help!


  1. At least he acknowledges you said something! I ask my kids questions over and over and they don't respond AT ALL. I'm still trying to figure that one out. :P Good luck!

  2. Hi Heather! Nice to hear from you again.

    After he repeats the question, say: "Nice listening skills" and when he asks you a question, repeat it and say, "doesn't mommy have good listening skills?" he'll get the point.

  3. I promise, my chuckles are qiet enough that BB won't hear. :)

    A dear friend of mine had a trouble with her little girl, who would loudly shout, "WHAT?!" each time her name was said in That Warning Tone. Her mama informed her that the thing to do was not to say, "What," but to say, "Yes Mom?"

    Now when her name is said in That Tone, the little sprite shrills, "WHAT? NO WHAT ME, SAY YES MOM!"

    At any rate, perhaps Organizing Mommy's idea is a good one. I might also add that with my #2, I typically have to ask him to repeat to me what I've told him to do, or what I've asked him, to make sure he's comprehended it or is actually listening to me. I think it's a boy thing.


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