October 17, 2009

They Should Work in Government

We moved into our new house October 3rd. We didn't get internet until October 17th. Why the long delay? Let me tell you about 3 internet provider companies. For the sake of the tale, we'll call them Company A, B, and C, respectively.
DH and I have had internet through Company A for the past 3 years at our old house. I called them 2 weeks before the move and set up the appointment for connecting internet at our new home. Bright and early Monday after the move, I get a call from Company A:
"This is _____ with Company A. I'm sitting in my truck here in your driveway, and according to my chart, your house is not in our providing area. You'll have to call Company B if you want internet here."
Am I the only one who finds it odd that he calls me from my own driveway? Why not walk to the front door? Better yet, when you get the address of a house that you're going to, why not check your chart before you get there?
So I call Company B. After giving our address to Company B, I am told that while they can provide me with a land line, they do not yet have internet for my area.
My area that is in an established neighborhood within the city limits. A neighborhood built in the 1970's and 1980's. I wonder exactly when they are going to go for that newfangled internet-y thing?
My only remaining option is Company C. I am told that they will come to my house to set up internet between the hours of 8AM-10AM, either Thursday, Friday, or Monday. So I wait. And wait.
Turns out, Company C sent me an e-mail giving instructions that I was supposed to go to their office and pay a down payment before they would come to my house. Because nothing is more logical than sending an e-mail to someone who does not currently have internet. Especially when the someone told the company "DO NOT CONTACT ME VIA E-MAIL AS I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET AT THIS TIME."
On Tuesday, when DH goes to pay, Company C says that they have several people ahead of us and that they might be able to fit us in on Saturday evening. Maybe. Never mind the fact that they did something dumb that delayed us getting internet. Good thing they don't provide anything life or death.
But now we have internet. And I have close to 600 unread blog posts to catch up on. So if I don't comment on your post, at least I have a good excuse!


  1. Holy cats! At least you should be unpacked.

  2. Glad to hear you got it sorted in the end. I love that they sent you an e-mail about it though!

  3. What an ordeal! We went through something very similar when we moved in June...I posted about it here:


    I'm glad you finally got connected!

  4. Welcome back! I think we could have said almost the exact same story when we moved to Germany. Eww. Glad you're up and going.


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