October 23, 2009

BB's Bathroom

Now that we've been in our house for almost a month, I thought I'd show you what we've been up to. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post should make up for my recent lack of blogging (although it wasn't entirely my fault).

This is the vanity in BB's bathroom. The blue vanity and sink match the toilet and bathtub ;D Since this is a boy's bathroom, I have no problem with all of the blue. After all, given that the house was built in the late 70's, I could be trying to decorate around avocado green!
I am curious, however, why there is a 60" vanity and the sink is crammed over against the wall. What was the builder thinking? If (when?) we gut this bathroom, I'm centering the sink on the vanity and opting for a cabinet that doesn't have the awkward middle section. What is this hole for?
These are the mirrors that the previous owners had up in the bathroom. I think the retro style of the mirrors went well with the retro light fixture that is original to the house.

The original mirror for this bathroom was in the garage, so DH and his brother reinstalled the big mirror. There's some damage around the mirror edge that we're going to fix with MirrorMate. The lights are going to be replaced just as soon as I find a light that I like. I am open to suggestions! Most bathroom lights are wall-mounted, while these lights are ceiling-mounted. I don't want to have a patched ceiling if I can help it. Currently, the only light that I've given serious consideration to is a florescent light, such as this one.
For the bathroom wall, we selected Valspar's Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue. This color is not as green in real life as it appears to be in these pictures. I selected this color for the bath after seeing it used in the kitchen (by the previous owner) and then seeing it again on this plaque:

When I saw how this sign combined Mackinac blue with the blue of the bath fixtures, I knew I had my wall color and theme picked for this bath.

The shower hooks are from ebay, the shower curtain from KMart.

BB's bathroom has the same Snoopy accessories that were in his old bathroom. The pictures that you see on the shelf in the cabinet are going to be hung on the wall at some point. When we redo the master bathroom, this etagere will be moved to our bath.
Other than finding a light and hanging some pictures, this bathroom is pretty much done for now. We are getting a new sink for the bathroom (Christmas present from my parents), but for now we are holding off on replacing the other stuff in this bath.


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  3. I love it - it's fun and pretty at the same time!


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