October 24, 2009

BB's Room

Moving day - the walls were painted River Mist by Valspar prior to moving in. We managed to paint all but 4 rooms before we moved in, thanks to the help of my dad and my friend Z.

BB when he first walked into his room. He loves having the extra floor space!

After we had unpacked a bit, DH put up wall stickers that match BB's bedding and curtains. The stickers are removable without causing any damage to the wall. In the space above, BB's train table is supposed to go there, but he tore the tracks off of the table and it is awaiting repairs.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll have a project to post about concerning this bookshelf, but this is it for now.

Another view of the shelf. If anyone has any old license plates they want to send my way, I'd be more than happy to have them.

View of bedroom from doorway.

Another view. Within 5 minutes of my taking these pictures, the room resembled a tornado's after-math. I have found the best way to keep BB occupied is to clean his room. He will then spend hours in his room undoing my cleaning ;)


  1. Thanks for the pix. The sink was to the side so the rest of the area could be used as a vanity. A stool went in the open area so "the lady of the house" could use her make-up mirror and hot rollers. It was the 70's... remember? I was there... I know!! ha! ha!

  2. Hey,
    I have some license plates I can send. Facebook me your address.

  3. love this room!!!!! Your sons bed is like every little boys dream come true
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  4. I love the shelf over the double-door closet. Very cute.

    I can bring you a few license plates at Thanksgiving. I'd love to see the other changes in person!

  5. He looks so pleased with his room, which is very cute!

    I bet my husband has old license plates. I'll ask.

  6. Love the expression on his face. :) What a nice, big room. I've just about given up hope that my kids can keep their room clean. I spent 2 hours - 2 HOURS- cleaning it (with them and my hubby too) a few weeks back. It needs it again. My husband just shrugs and says "They're boys." as if that explains it all.

  7. I think his room turned out great... I love it, and the old license plates are a great touch!


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