August 17, 2009

Blue & Brown Swap

I had so much fun from Blue Castle's Pink and Green swap that I just knew I had to do it again with her Blue & Brown swap! This time, my partner was Jena from Organized Everyday. Since she is a major crafter, I sent her some blue and brown fat quarters. I can't believe that I didn't think to take pictures! :( But, check out her blog and she will have pictures of the fabric there. I was really excited to be assigned to such a crafty person, because I love homemade presents. Check out what I got:
A handmade purse AND a matching wallet (that's why you see cash; I'm demonstrating that it's a wallet)! Isn't she amazing? Thank you so much again for my lovely gifts, Jena. And a big thanks to Sarah for hosting the swap! When's the next one?


  1. Major score, girl! That purse is beautiful. So glad you got to join us. Fun, isn't it?

  2. Those are beautiful! I love that you got a handmade gift, and one that is so well done.

  3. wow! that is sooo cool! i love bags, so of course, I am jealous! ;)

  4. Hey Girl, tell your readers that I'm making a bag out of the fabric you gave me and having a giveaway for those who want to blitz.

  5. Heather,

    I finished the bag: go check it out. Maybe you can win it back?


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