August 17, 2009

OCD & Legos Don't Mix

BB loves Legos. When he was in his body cast, DH was "kind" enough to dig out his Legos from childhood. BB has spent countless hours playing with Legos, both by himself and with DH. Every time I sweep or move furniture, I'm sure to find numerous small pieces. DH is very good with creating things for BB. Below is a Monster Truck Garbage Truck - I bet you didn't know they made those, did you?
BB will occasionally ask me to play Legos with him, but he doesn't seem to like my creations as much. Perhaps it's a bit too orderly for his toddler mind? ;)

1 comment:

  1. You know, I do the same thing. I'm all about building houses or buildings and the boys want things that vroom. :)


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