April 30, 2009

Diet Update

Ugh. I'm still plugging away at the gym and counting calories. But with no progress. Here's how things are going to far:
4/15 - really fat
4/19 - down 2.1; hooray!
4/21 - up 0.8; what happened?
4/23 - up 0.7; this is not good
4/26 - down 0.3; thank God!
4/30 - up 0.1; not encouraged
Now you might helpfully suggest that I'm being a tad obsessive about weighing. Really, weighing 6 times in 2 weeks might be a tad much. But I keep trying to be optimistic and stepping on the scales, hoping that a miracle will happen.
I don't understand what my problem is this time around. I've never had trouble at least initially losing weight. I've always started off really well, and then crept to a crawl. So I'm not real happy right now. I'm going to keep tracking calories and working out 5x a week, but I'm wondering if I need to do more. Hmm... any thoughts about the pros/cons of a personal trainer? Maybe I need someone to yell at me and kick my butt while I'm at the gym. I think I'm doing pretty good at the gym, but apparently not. Exactly what should be my goal for a good workout? Time spent there? Calories burned? Looking for insight here...


  1. I have no wisdom here. I'm finding it hard myself. It seems I have to work WAY beyond my comfort zone...push myself harder. Hang in there, it's so easy to give up, and sometimes we give up right before that breakthrough is coming!!

  2. Let me first say - even if the scale isn't showing you the numbers - you are making positive changes to your body! Hang in there and it all is helpful in the long run.... I know that isn't helpful when you want to toss the scale through the window, but it is true.

    Second - it is all a calories in versus calories out game... my advice would be to watch the calories burned, and start tracking your intake on a website like daily plate.com or something.

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself!
    And stop weighing yourself so much :)

    My husband's cousin is a personal trainer, and she came over to my house and designed me a workout that I could do using things around the house (ie stairs, couch) and using a step thingy, and a resistance band.

    OMG I have never worked so hard in my life. I think it was because she didn't let me quit when I felt like dying....it was always "good, now one more set!"
    I lost the most weight using her routine then anything else.
    I'm sure it was in part to her pushing me, but also because she made sure I was doing every exercise properly and that every muscle group was being worked.
    Anyways, that's my two cents.

    Good luck, and keep at it. You're doing grrrrrreat!

  4. I would really suggest weighing yourself just once or twice a week after you get out of bed, before breakfast. Are you weighing yourself at the same time each day? Water and food weight, even clothes, can really add or subtract a bit!

    I think personal trainers are great for motivation.. but they are expensive. What about taking an exercise class at a gym or something? That way it's kind of like have a personal trainer ( telling you what to do) but it doesn't cost as much?!

    I don't know if you saw but I'm starting a Body After Baby fitness challenge on my blog- starts tomorrow- to help motivate eachother and stay accountable. You should consider joining! It's so much easier to lose weight with other people!

    You can do it, just takes time. Lots and lots of time. :)

  5. When I lost weight back in 2005 it was the same way (though I didn't weigh myself all that often). I just did the exercises. It seemed that for a month not much changed and then all of a sudden people started making comments. A few weeks later my pants were too big.

    In all it took about two or two and a halfmonths to lose 25-30 lbs. Now I was tough on myself. I jogged 30 minutes everyday, I lifted weights once or twice a week, I cut out all snacking. If it wasn't meal time, I wasn't eating. And I ate only one helping at meal time. Oh and I switched to eating oatmeal for breakfast instead of pop tarts. And if I had to eat something from the freezer, like Hot Pockets for lunch I'd only eat one and nothing else.

    Also though I know that it seems easier for men to lose weight than women (not sure why that is). And people have different biological makeups so don't expect the exact same results as me or anyone else but perhaps this is an encouragement. The first month will not show major results.


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