February 7, 2009

And to Think He's a Picky Eater

DH, BB and I went to Subway tonight for dinner. On the way over there, BB chugged a sippy cup of juice. We shouldn't have let him do that, but we didn't think about it at the time. BB has acid reflux, which means that if he chugs anything fast, it comes right back up. He politely waited to barf until we were inside Subway, and while I feel bad for those eating, at least it wasn't my car. Once things were cleaned up and we were eating, BB started to pretend barf while looking at his reflection in the window. DH's admonition to stop was met with giggles from BB, who loudly proclaimed for the entire place to hear: "And it tastes GOOD!"

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  1. Oh NO! I hate when kids barf in public places. Cakes puked in KFC once, and I felt so bad for the woman sitting in the booth next to us (but not as bad as I felt for myself, obviously). It smelled sooo bad, and she looked very pale, like she might faint. She quickly gathered up her stuff and got the heck out.

    I didn't blame her.


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