February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes 2/13/09

I don't know why I'm theming my "7 Quick Takes." But this is the diet version...
1. In my world, if I order a diet soda and receive a real soda by mistake, the calories don't count. This is valid, right?
2. If you like to munch on things, Baby Goldfish (the crackers, not the real ones!) are a great option. You can have 89 of them for one serving. If you eat them one by one, you really do get the feeling that you've snacked a good bit. Of course, they are heavily processed and they do have 5 grams of fat. But sometimes you just need something salty and crunchy.
3. Starting a diet in January is not an easy thing for me. I do great until Valentine's Day, when I go out to eat. 3 days later, it's my birthday. 4 days later, my grandmother's birthday. A week and a half later, my dad's birthday. All of these events come with meals out to eat and birthday cake. Pray for me, y'all! I'm going to determine to just not gain any weight during this time. I don't hold out too much hope for weight loss...
4. I can blog, have a clean house, or exercise. I don't seem to be able to do all three. I recently saw a news segment where people walked on the treadmill while using their laptops atop a makeshift treadmill table. I wonder if DH will let me buy a treadmill and a laptop for such a purpose? Think I should ask him?
5. I think whoever started placing fish atop a salad should be committed. I tried that this week and it was mega gross. I feel sick just remembering that meal.
6. I know the saying "you didn't get fat overnight, so you won't lose weight overnight." But don't you think it would be a real motivation to wake up one morning even 10 lbs lighter? I could live with losing 10 lbs at a time.
7. I've never had a problem with drinking water. I like it just fine. Getting in 8 glasses a day isn't a problem for me. But I detest diet soda, and I like cream and sugar in my coffee. Water, water, water is boring, boring, boring...


  1. Well, I know you better already! I like creamer in my coffee too...mmmm...

  2. I love this...
    1. I think it's totally valid!
    2. Great idea... I love snacking too, and this would help with the guilt.
    3. What if you just ate a bite of someone else's piece of cake? Just a thought - but I'd rather have extra savory food right now than sugar.
    4. I'd totally ask... :-)
    5. EWW!
    6. Bring it on... 10 pounds would make my month!
    7. Have you tried the sugar free cool-aid packets, Crystal Light, or OceanSpray? They go great with bottled water...or even just putting in slices of different citrus fruits?

  3. Kim: I've thought about just a bite of cake, and I might do that for other people's birthdays. But I'm totally have a hunk of my birthday cake! :) I've tried the Crystal Light, etc. stuff but I'm just not much into kool-aid types of drink. I've heard of fruit in the water before, but I just never do it except at restaurants. Perhaps I'll get some lemons or limes when I grocery shop.

  4. Love #4. I've been trying to get myself motivated to use our treadmill - it's been 8 weeks since baby and I need to get moving - other then walking towards the fridge!!! Maybe if I knew I could be online while I walk I'd be more excited about it. Ok, maybe not!

  5. Water = coffee potential. I'm just saying.

  6. I second the following points:

    1. Themed 7 Quick Takes? It's the only way I do it. (I don't know why?!)

    2. Lots of celebrating with food in Feb? We've got three birthdays in our house this month.

    3. Cream and sugar in the coffee? The only way I know how!

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I love yours and will definitely come back.

    I keep my fingers crossed for the upcoming birthdaycake-eating-but-no-weight-gaining-mission.

  8. Great diet edition.

    I agree on the regular soda...and also on the blogging, cleaning house or exercising front. Although I think that if I had a table over my treadmill for a laptop, I'd somehow manage to destroy the laptop and injure myself in some freak accident...


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