February 13, 2009

Hooray for Amazon?

According to the story in the link provided below, Amazon has withdrawn a game for sale that allows (actually, commands) players to virtually rape women and then force women to have an abortion. They pulled the game after receiving complaints from customers regarding the game's availability. Well, hooray for Amazon! They listen to their customers. It is sick and disgusting that such a game exists. I think it is bad enough that some Japanese company decided to make such a game (which was reportedly only for sales within Japan), but that Amazon deemed it okay to sell under any circumstance is reprehensible. Who cares if an "ethics watchdog body" passed the game as okay? Where, exactly, did this ethics group come from? Ted Bundy's fanclub?


  1. Good grief! I am appalled. It's crazy! Just when you think nothing else would surprise you, an even lower level of humanity reveals itself. Where will it all end?

  2. What a great company! Makes me proud to be a long-time Amazon customer.

  3. My goodness - that is disgusting! I am glad that Amazon pulled it though.

  4. Gross, gross, gross. What kind of person would even WANT to play a game like that? It's stuff like that, and other terrible games like Grand Theft Auto with all of their degrading women scenes and sexual undertones that really give the video game industry a bad rap.


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