November 23, 2008


Last Friday, I went to get my hair cut. I usually go to the same lady that has been cutting my hair for the past 25 years. But my regular hairdresser couldn't fit me in and when I want my hair cut, I want my hair cut NOW. I've yet to have a good experience with anyone other than my regular hairdresser. A rational person would learn to stay with the same lady after a few bad haircuts. However, I'm either optimistic or stubborn, so I visit other people every year or so.
When I went to the new place, I asked for a simple below-chin-length bob with long layers. Nothing hard, nothing complicated, something that any hairdresser can do, right? Wrong. IF my hair is wet, I can pull SOME of it almost below my chin. Once my hair is dry, it's more ear-length. As for the layers, I am sporting the "a rat chewed on my hair" look. My layers, more like sprigs of hair, are choppy, which was not the look I was going for.
I told the lady that I wanted a few layers cut to encourage the curl in my hair. So naturally, after she finishes cutting my hair, she gets out a paddle brush and blow-dries my hair straight. When I remind her that I wanted to wear my hair curly, she gets out a tiny comb, rats pieces of my hair and sprays the tangles she just created. Because curls and tangles are the same thing, right?
Sigh. My poor hair. My regular hairdresser has been cutting hair for over 30 years, so I know she's going to retire one of these days. I guess when that day comes I'll just buzz my hair off and y'all will know the reason why. I obviously have some freaky hair that prevents anyone else from giving me a decent haircut.
I should have learned my lesson about the new lady when I sat down in her seat and saw the sign in her booth: "Don't worry, it will grow."


  1. I'm sorry for your bad experience. I've had some of those...mainly from people who think you cut curly hair the same way you cut straight hair...WRONG!! Sometimes I wonder how they graduated from school! But the sign is will grow...if you can just stand it that long!! :o)

  2. hahahah, I wish you had posted a photo...truly my condolences, but at least, like you said, it will grow!

  3. I'm so sorry! It can be really traumatic when you get a haircut you don't like.

    When I was in college, I asked for a trim and ended up with the "Rachel" cut from "Friends," only the stylist clearly didn't know what she was doing, because it just looked like a bob with a few straggly long pieces hanging down. It was a total disaster! I was so depressed, I wanted to shave my head and start over.

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so sorry!!! Don't worry, it will grow??? Not the sign you want to see in a hair salon!

    I've had that happen to me TWICE!

    This one woman seriously took chunk out of the back of my hair. I couldn't believe it. My stepmom recommended another girl to help me fix it, and I've been going to her ever since. I've been tempted to try a new place, but I'm too scared. :P

    P.S. There will be something for you on my blog a little later...maybe it will make you feel better. :)

  5. Ohhhhh, dear.... I have been using the same hairdresser for about that long, too. For the same reason... I, however, dont' have quite as much faith in other people as you do, and simply WAIT for my hairdresser to be available!!

    It WILL grow. Hopefully faster than slower!

  6. I can't wait to see it! It sounds like a winner!

  7. Once again, glad I'm a guy.

    I don't think my hair ever looks the same twice after a haircut. And to date, I don't think I've ever complained much.

    My suggestion? Tell your regular hair dresser what happened and ask her what is a better of explaining what you want in the even that you have to go to someone else again.


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