November 17, 2008

Crafty Christmas

As Z mention in this post, we got together last week to create some Christmas crafts. Here is my favorite craft of the ones that we have done so far:
These are so simple to make - you use a mini pinecone for the body, half of a popsicle stick for each ski, and toothpicks for the ski poles. Top the pinecone with a 1" wooden ball and a hat made out of a sweater scrap (or a pipe cleaner if you want earmuffs). Dab on a little paint for the face and the snow, and voila - a mini ski person! We just might make some more of these when we meet again this Wednesday, or we might do something else...
UPDATED: Be sure to check out Antique Mommy for more holiday crafts!


  1. Those are so adorable. I'll have to get Aubie to help me make some of those soon.

  2. I love those! My Godmother had some similar to those when I was growing up that she always put on top of the TV every Christmas. Brings back sweet memories!

  3. so cute! my daughter has so many pinecones, I should get her to help me make some of these

  4. How cute. You could make entire snow village of little skiers.

  5. SO CUTE! You could make one to resemble each family member! How fun!

  6. Oh, those are adorable! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my place too.



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