September 26, 2008

BB Randomness

  • On Sunday, it will be 3 weeks since BB first said, "Love you, Mommy."
  • BB has determined that the headlights on a plastic school bus are, in fact, "Artur glasses."
  • A certain 3-foot somebody loves the videos of construction machines at work that are posted on You Tube.
  • He has recently been trying to pray, clasping his hands together and saying: "Pray. Dear God. Amen! YAY!" with much clapping following.
  • BB believes that down to the diaper constitutes naked, which leads him to run through the house declaring, "Naked! Naked!"
  • He counts from 3 to 8: "3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8." 0, 1, and 2 have been discontinued until further notice. Numbers higher than this are not needed.


  1. Cakes does the whole "I NAKED!" thing too, even if she only has her shirt off or something.

    LOVE BB's prayer. So cute!

  2. That prayer is adorable. I'm sure God appreciates the enthusiasm!

  3. So cute. Owen just started telling me he loved me last week! There are no sweeter words. :-) Owen also likes to pray. His prayer is, "Dear God, Jesus name, Amen."


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