July 24, 2008

Five Favorite Things

The other Heather has tagged me for a Five Favorite Things meme. In no particular order, I present my top five - I have excluded people, because technically, people aren't things, and I would have to leave someone out if I listed just 5.
1. Hot drinks. Sometimes coffee, sometimes tea (Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. - quick! - who said that?), depending on my mood. Drinking a hot beverage, be it early morning or late at night calms me and prepares me to face the day or unwind after a day.
2. Going out. Whether to a movie, a coffee shop, or out to eat, I love going out with DH or my friends. Now that BB's here, I don't get to do this often, which makes it even more of a treat for me.
3. Reading. I will read anything, as long as it's not filthy or hard to understand. I love losing myself in what I am reading and looking up to find that hours have passed without me knowing. A well-written book can transport me and affect my mood for days.
4. Planning and/or organizing things. I love planning a big event or organizing a giant mess. That being said, you'd think that I would be a schedule person with a label maker - I'm not. I do things whenever, although I do have a place for everything. But I love mapping things out as to when they need to occur. I loved research papers in school and college (I even wrote papers for other people - I know, it was wrong). Digging through mounds of information and sorting it out can keep me up all hours of the night. Tackling a giant mess and seeing chaos turn into order is exciting to me. Like most things that have to do with me, however, there is a quirk - I don't like to attend the event that I've planned or write the paper that I've researched.
5. Music. I am constantly singing or trying to whistle a song. If it weren't for BB, I would have music playing constantly. I always have a song in my head. I like a wide variety of music. I play piano, and I would love to take college-level lessons again and really develop my technical playing abilities. I would like to play an orchestra instrument and be in an orchestra. I would love to take singing lessons. These all take time, though, time (and money) that is not currently available. When BB is older, I really hope to pursue these hobbies and perhaps even go back to college for a music degree.
Now, who am I going to tag? Let's see - I'm going to tag Z, Josh, Saige, Leah, and Steve.

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  1. Hmmm, I'll have to think about this awhile before I post. It's hard to come up with 5!


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