July 24, 2008

S'FMtY: Disney and a Cover-Up

This week's edition will be short and sweet. I came across this picture not too long ago that was taken when I was five. I think I look particularly cute with my curly hair and Mickey Mouse ears. What I would like to point out in this picture, and what makes it a 'Fro-worthy picture, is the fact that I am wearing my swimsuit with my Mickey Mouse ears. Oh, wait. You can't see my swimsuit? Look closely - see the blue strap going around my neck? That strap is from my swimsuit. You probably couldn't tell because of the cover-up I was wearing. My dad's t-shirt. The sleeves of the shirt practically touch my wrists, and the tail of the shirt goes past my knees, but I am covered. Do you think it's because I have very conservative parents, or because I knew I was fat even as a little kid? I'm sure they sold cover-ups for little kids back then, but those probably didn't cover enough skin for me. One thing's for sure - I am happy in this picture!
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  1. Happy and adorable! I see glimpses of Mr. Caleb in that photo!

  2. I WISH I could wear my Dad's t-shirt as a cover up now. I am bigger than he is. Ugh.

    Your curls are adorable and the hat? CLASSIC!


  3. I remember my first set of Mickey Mouse ears and how much I loved them.

    The spiffy cover-up is cute! I can remember my little brother and sister wearing my dad's t-shirts to sleep in and they were LONG gowns.

  4. Sorry I'm late on visiting your "fro post! Just got back from Family Camp!

    Yeah, I agree, totally cute!


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