July 25, 2008

Please Alert DFACS

Because I am obviously a bad mother. Else why, when I took BB inside Books-A-Million today, did he suddenly strain against the restraints in his stroller, stretch his arms as far as he could and scream inconsolably, "COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE!" I promise, I've never given him even the tiniest sip - honest. I really, truly, haven't. But they aren't going to believe me. I just know one of the 20 people who glared at me and "tsk, tsked" me has called DFACS and given them my license plate number. If this is my last post, you'll know why...


  1. Maybe he meant something else? I can't think of what it could be though.

    Don't worry about the judgmental people. Once, Cakesie was really acting up in a restaurant, and I picked her up and sat her down VERY FIRMLY in her chair, and told her to KNOCK IT OFF! My husband alerted me to the little old ladies sitting across the aisle, who were giving me very disapproving looks. I said to my husband, very loudly, "Well, if they don't like the way I discipline my kid, maybe they should come over and deal with her antics all day, and then see if they can do a better job."

    They never looked my way again.

  2. He's identifying with you and the things you love...of course!



  3. Don't kids have a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? :-)

  4. Ah yes....but then there was the family birthday party on Sunday. Monkey finished eating his cake and then loudly announced to My Darling, "Daddy, now I want some of you beer!" Being the father of four has not fooled My Darling. He allowed the token sip of beer, knowing that the Monkey would squunch up his little face and never ask for it again.

    One problem.

    He liked it.


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