November 18, 2007

Who's on Your List?

The people who read my blog are in the same circle of friends. However, I've noticed when reading their blogs that they will invariably have people/sites linked to their page that I don't know. Since I am nosy, I thought I'd see if I can get the readers of my blog to post an explanation on their blog as to why they have the people and/or websites linked to their site that they do. Who knows? We might find a whole new "6 Degrees." Anyway, I'll go first. My links are:
1. 152 Insights - this is my friend Leah's site, who is a "You've Got Mail" fanatic. I'd be willing to bet money that she can quote and/or describe the entire movie in order. She doesn't post too often, but I'd rather read quality than quantity anyway.
2. Baby Cheapskate - I started reading this site after reading about it in Parents magazine. The author lives in Atlanta, and she is always posting good sales on baby items.
3. Baby Toolkit - I'm pretty sure that I got started reading this site from Parents as well. This site is run by a couple who review baby items. Very good read if you're researching baby things.
4. Close to You - this is my friend Renee's page. She has two small children that she home schools, so many of her blogs concern their education (although only the oldest is officially school age). She has a very homey site.
5. Frugal Upstate - Again, got this from Parent's magazine. Jen lives in upstate NY, and is frugal by choice, which I find inspiring. Most people I've found who are frugal do it out of necessity, but she could easily have a different lifestyle. She only posts about frugality, usually 3 times a week. However, she's just moved into a new house, so the posts have slowed somewhat.
6. Jason and Kimberly - Kim is my best friend from school, and this site is really more her hubby's site. He doesn't post too often, but when he does it is usually religion oriented.
7. The Saige Page - if you can't tell, this page is maintained by someone named Saige. Saige just happens to be the aforementioned Leah's sister. She is very crafty, and I love reading her blogs that show her latest creation. She's been a little busy lately with her newest creation (Matthan), but I'm looking forward to when she gets a little more sleep and free time on her hands.
8. The Simple Dollar - I was researching homemade laundry detergent and I came across this site. Trent, the author, had a financial breakdown/breakthrough a little over a year ago. He now chronicles his journey towards becoming debt free, which giving financial advice, reviewing financial books, and giving frugality tips. Whew! He posts a couple a time a day, which amazes me.
9. The Smoak House - this is another couple's site, that of Josh and Lyndsay. Lyndsay is my other best friend. Josh is the main poster to this site, which details redecorating, community theater, humor, and eschatology.
10. Undeception - this is Steve's site, brother to Lyndsay and husband to Renee. Steve is very knowledgeable about preterism, and he frequently uses his site to educate others.

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  1. This is a great idea, Heather.

    Wow! Seems I'm quite eclectic. community theater and eschatology all at one convenient location: your friendly neighborhood Smoak House.


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