November 14, 2007

Things I've Learned

(and some things I wish others would learn as well...)

  1. One of the biggest challenges of childhood friendships is allowing each other to grow up and become an individual.

  2. Having a child changes how you view the world. I can no longer ignore the direction that many things are headed.

  3. Just because you no longer have “that spark” doesn't mean that you're not still in love.

  4. I've yet to reach a stage in life where I'm no longer my parent's child.

  5. It takes a long time for the few cents I save to turn into dollars.

  6. Every generation is softer than the one before it.

  7. 24 hour news creates more crises than we actually have.

  8. Having a child changes your faith.

  9. Getting into debt can be really fun.

  10. Listening to talk radio is not for those suffering from depression.

  11. I am the only good driver left on this planet.

  12. Frugality would be easier if you had hundreds of dollars left over each month instead of cents.

  13. Mickey Rooney isn't funny or thought-provoking.

  14. You can't keep yourself from throwing up.

  15. Toddler don't have “mine” and “yours”. They have “my old toy” and “my new toy”.

  16. Contrary to what my employed friends think, homemakers do not stay home and play all day.

  17. We are becoming a talentless society.

  18. What other people think and do becomes incredibly important when you're a parent.

1 comment:

  1. I so agree with number 17.

    Musicians, singers and artists are hard to come by.


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