October 11, 2007

33 "ors"

This will be a two-part blog. Read the questions, think about your answers. Tune in later for my answers...
  1. soda from a can or a plastic bottle?

  2. Pepsi or Coke?

  3. Ford or Chevy?

  4. Beattles or Elvis?

  5. Connery or Brosnon?

  6. sunrise or sunset?

  7. vinyl or CD?

  8. coffee – with or without cream?

  9. right or left-handed?

  10. cinnamon or mint?

  11. Rocky or Rambo?

  12. liberal or conservative?

  13. French toast or waffles?

  14. chocolate or caramel?

  15. Washington or Lincoln?

  16. Indiana Jones or Hans Solo?

  17. with or without crusts?

  18. wood or brick house?

  19. ocean or mountains?

  20. piano or organ?

  21. constructionist or revisionist?

  22. Carter or Clinton?

  23. violin or fiddle?

  24. sugar or honey?

  25. coffee or hot chocolate?

  26. rare or burnt steak?

  27. Addams Family or Munsters?

  28. hot or iced tea?

  29. acoustic or electric guitar?

  30. chicken or beef?

  31. tooth fairy or Easter bunny?

  32. Hitchcock or M. Night Shyamalan?

  33. Rush or Hannity?


  1. 1. Coke from a bottle if I'm also eating something salty. From a can if I'm drinking it alone.

    2. Coke > Pepsi (also due to the fact that I prefer the Coca Cola company - being as I am an admitted Vault addict...)

    3. Ford, by far. It's a family mandate.

    4. I like Connery better as an actor, but I think of Brosnan as James Bond due to playing the Goldeneye 007 N64 game to great excess in the late 90's.

    5. Elvis, mainly because he's not John Lennon...

    6. Sunset, it brings the night, which brings Coast To Coast AM...

    7. CD, binary data encoding at extremely high sampling rates. Are you kidding?

    8. Coffee with creme please.

    9. Right

    10. Cinnamon (Big Red)

    11. Rambo, he uses that nifty chain-fed M60 machine gun.

    12. Conservative - the real kind: Limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility and NATIONAL BORDERS.

    13. French Toast - protein with my carbs!

    14. Chocolate, particularly if peanut butter stumbles onto it...

    15. Washington or Lincoln? This was is very tough. I respect Lincoln's tenacity and his well-stated belief in the cause of preserving the union. But as a southern it can be tough to not be again' 'em. No decision.

    16. Solo or Mr. Jones? Guess I'll lean towards Solo since I feel more attached to him due to the extended Start Wars universe books. Plus, he got to wear Stormtrooper armor.

    17. With crust, be it Pizza or Pop-Tarts.

    18. Brick, Maybe? I don't care terribly.

    19. Mountains, as long as it isn't in Kentucky with scary hicks... (I've already been there once)

    20. Piano.

    21. Constructionist

    22. One is a criminal, one is a moron. Neither.

    23. Fiddle. I have a genetic disorder that causes my foot to stomp and my hands to clap in time when someone begins to play a fiddle.

    24. Sugar taste better IN something. Honey is better as a stand-alone, or as a simple glaze. Though honey and Peanut Butter are a marvelous combination.

    25. Coffee. Further instructions above.

    26. When cooking meat, the more deader, the better. Only Chuck Norris eats his steaks raw.

    27. Munsters, just cause I actually watched then a few times growing up.

    28. Iced Sweet Tea. Though some kinds of hot tea are very nice - Earl Grey, for example.

    29. Both electric and acoustic have a place, but electric is far more versatile and definitely preferred.

    30. Beef.

    31. Easter Bunny, 'cause he lays Cadburry Cream Eggs.

    32. Hitchcock.

    33. Rush is actually entertaining. I can't honestly attribute that to Hannity. But if I were looking for a friend, I'd definitely pick Hannity.

  2. 1. From a can - if it's from a plastic bottle it has to be poured in a cup with ice.

    2. As a Californian I grew up with Pepsi, but the South has changed me - Coke all the way!

    3. Chevy

    4. Beattles!

    5. Connery

    6. Sunrise. Do you realize how much you can do in a day if you get up with the sun? Besides, my narcoleptic self automatically turns off with the sun.

    7. CD. What would I do without the ease of choosing or skipping tracks, automatic repeat (song or cd), or disc change?

    8. I can take it black, but mmmmmmmmmmm I love coffee with special creamer! I just bought some pumpkin spice creamer today - tastes like fall, Thanksgiving, and the warm memories of the holiday season.

    9. right

    10. Actually, I don't really care for either one (gum, candies, breath mints, etc.) However, I do like a pinch of cinnamon in certain foods like apple pie, oatmeal, or cider.

    11. never watched either one

    12. conservative

    13. I love them both!

    14. Can I have them together?

    15. Washington. The book 1776 presents a beautiful, courageous portrait of him during one of the most difficult years of the revolution.

    16. Tough choice. Hans Solo is about the only good thing in Star Wars, but since overall I don't care for those movies, I have to choose Indiana Jones!

    17. with

    18. usually wood, but occasionally I see a house that has some beautiful brick.

    19. Ocean (though I rarely go since my husband/in-laws prefer the mountains)

    20. piano, but I do miss an occasional organ sound at church

    21. constructionist

    22. neither

    23. Violins are gorgeous, but in agreement with Brent, I can't help but clap my hands and stomp my feet when I hear a fiddle!

    24. sugar

    25. flavored coffee

    26. rare

    27. Again, I've never really watched either show.

    28. Unsweet iced tea? (preferably from California where they do it right)

    29. Most of the time acoustic, but electric sounds really good sometimes too (Josh, I actually miss hearing your electric guitar in church sometimes).

    30. Beef.

    31. Tooth fairy - it doesn't detract from the "real meaning" of a sacred holiday. How do you explain an Easter Bunny anyway? The myth is not nearly as good as that of Santa Claus.

    32. Hitchcock

    33. Whoever happens to be on talk radio when I'm alone in the car.

  3. 1. Always the bottle

    2. Pepsi or Coke

    3. Ford. If it had a cute nickname like "Chevy" I would probably disown it, too.

    4. Beatles. McCartney makes up for Lennon. And Elvis sounds like a dufus.

    5. Connery. Brosnan annoys me because he obviously grew up thinking he was Bond (Remington Steele? Come on!) Plus, he doesn't have a tattoo that says "Scotland Forever".

    6. Sunset. By that time of day, most of my daily cares have set as well.

    7. Vinyl. The quaint technology behind it has an intangible appeal.

    8. Heaven - with or without Satan?

    9. right

    10. I'm more of a cinnaman than most ment.

    11. Rocky. Haven't seen Rambo. Don't plan to.

    12. Conservative - the real kind: thinks Lincoln sold viable capitalism out to crippling mercantilism, which caused pretty much all of our economic problems.

    13. That one's too tough.

    14. chocolate

    15. And another thing about Lincoln: he married a nutty spiritualist and threw Jefferson and Madison with their views on states' sovereignty on their ears...

    16. Indiana Jones. Han Solo never kicked Nazi butt.

    17. without crusts

    18. Can't be a mix? Hmmm...bricks last longer. But wood is more primal.

    19. Skin cancer or cool mountain breeze?

    20. Piano. Unless you're talking about a B-3...

    21. Constructionist

    22. Malaria or diphtheria?

    23. Diamond or cubic zirconium?

    24. Sugar

    25. Coffee

    26. Burnt steak. Although I do like it medium the best

    27. Munsters of course. The Addams family was...well, creepy, kooky, and altogether insipid. Herman's laugh? Comedic gold.

    28. Depends on if you want me to drink it or not. Iced.

    29. Acoustic. It's all in the subtlety and finesse - no electronic manipulation necessary. Besides, Chet Atkins didn't play electric.

    30. Chicken

    31. Tooth fairy. Just give me money and I'll buy my own dang candy.

    32. Hitchcock - but give Shyamalan a few years to mature.

    33. I'm with Brent. Rush is a much better showman; Hannity's more cuddly. I prefer listening to Rush because I prefer someone capable of debate, discussion, and original thought. And I don't cuddle guys. But I don't listen to either.

  4. Are we supposed to post our answers. I thought you said to "think" about them. :ob Miss Danna


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