September 17, 2007

Sad but True...

If a mommy goes to wash some bottles, she'll notice that the trash is full.

When she empties the trash, she'll notice that there's a bad smell, so she'll go to the laundry room to get the oust.

While she's in the laundry room, she'll realize that she's forgotten about the wash, and it's started to mildew. So she'll empty the washer and pour some clorox in and run the washer empty.

When she puts the clorox away, she'll notice that she's getting low on stain spray, so she'll go to the kitchen to write on the shopping list.

While she's writing on the shopping list, she'll notice the reminder to pay bills.

When she finishes paying bills, she'll go to enter them in the checkbook, and realize that there are receipts to enter, so she'll balance the checkbook.

When she's balanced the checkbook, she'll go to throw the old receipts away.

When she gets to the trash, she'll see that she needs a trash bag, which will remind her that she still didn't get the oust. So she'll go back to the laundry room.

While she's in the laundry room, she'll notice that the washer has stopped, so she'll put the clothes back in to wash them again. To make sure that she doesn't forget them, she'll write herself a note on the frig.

When she sees the refrigerator, it will remind her that it's lunch time, and she's hungry, so she'll make herself some lunch.

When baby sees mommy's lunch, he'll want some lunch too, so she'll make him lunch as well.

When baby has finished his lunch, he'll get sleepy and he'll want to take a nap, so mommy will put the baby down in his room.

When mommy goes into baby's room, she'll notice that baby has a pile of clothes to be washed in his hamper, so she'll empty it out and take them to be washed.

When she opens the washer to put the baby's clothes in, she'll see the load of wash she ran, so she'll put those clothes in the dryer.

When she puts the clothes in the dryer, she'll empty the lint trap, and realize that now the floor needs to be swept, so she'll get the broom.

When mommy is done sweeping the floor, she'll decide that she might as well mop the floor while she's at it.

When mommy is mopping the floor, she'll notice that there's a stain on the carpet in the next room, so she'll go get a rag from the laundry room for the carpet spray.

When she goes to get the rag, she'll see that the clothes are dry, so she'll fold the clothes and put them away.

While she's putting the clothes away, she'll hit her shin, which will make her yell, “Ow!”

When she hollers “Ow!”, baby will wake up.

When baby wakes up, he'll want a bottle, so she'll go get a bottle.

When she goes to get baby a bottle, she'll see that the bottles are dirty and need to be washed.


  1. This is all too true. And if you give a mouse a cookie, well...

  2. Wait,wait,wait,wait...and you guys are trying to convince us to have a baby?

  3. Or a pig a pancake...Very cute, Heather. Minus the bottles and baby, and adding a few of my details, this could be about me, Miss Adult-onset ADD.

  4. The thing is, parents are motivated to talk about this stuff because of our incredulity at the unfathomable satisfaction we gain despite what non-parents view as inconvenient hassle. Parents (good parents at least) read these sorts of things and smile because despite how it looks to the uninitiate, we most often go through this toil obliviously, because fundamentally, we love the lives God has blessed us with.

    At least, that's my interpretation. Parents?

  5. As one of the few single, childless people in the group, I am obviously well qualified to speak on this topic...


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