September 13, 2007

Will It Float?

For those of you who watch Letterman, you are familiar with this segment of his show. Odds and ends are picked to be dropped into a large tank of water, with Dave and others predicting beforehand whether or not the object will float in the water or sink. BB apparently sides with his dad in his late-night talk shows (I prefer Leno), because the other day he hosted his own segment of “Will It Float?” Now, picture a regular house. Since my son is only 14 months, he can't turn on the faucet for the sink or bathtub yet. So where is he going to find a large container of water that somebody has already filled for him? If you guessed the toilet, you're right! Being a good parent, I know better than to leave the lid on the toilet up, because I don't want my son to play in the toilet. But my son, being intelligent and gifted, found a way around this problem. You know those knobs that are on the underside of the toilet seat, that keep the seat from sitting flat on the toilet? Those little knobs leave just enough room between the seat and the toilet bowl, so that even if the seat AND lid are both down, a determined person can still slide things into the water. Which is of course what my son did. Thank goodness I had just cleaned the bathroom that morning! All items that were in the experiment were thrown away, but I still had to stick my hand in there to fish them out!

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