September 21, 2007

26 Reasons to Have a Baby

Lest some people think I am trying to discourage them from pursuing parenting...

  1. Tiny toes – have you ever looked at baby toes? They're the size of corn niblets! Honestly, some of these toes are so tiny, they don't even have proper toenails yet!

  2. Tiny fingers – how can you not love these tiny little fingers that are too small to completely wrap around one of your fingers?

  3. Wispy hair – I don't know if it's static electricity or just the texture of baby hair, but the little wispies of hair that stick up and out to defy gravity are so darling.

  4. Floppy ears – I guess it makes sense for baby ears to be so movable, considering the tight fit most of them have coming out. Baby ears kinda remind me of Dumbo – even if the ears aren't big, they're very pliable, and you have to be careful with them.

  5. Chubby cheeks – baby cheeks just beg to be squished. Especially when the cheeks are so chubby that their eyes can't open all the way. And the cheeks are so soft! How can you not just kiss them over and over all day long?

  6. Fat rolls – I love the little fat rolls on baby legs before they start walking. I love chubby babies! Something about a chubby baby just makes me melt.

  7. Pot bellies – once again, a chubby baby trait. But isn't it so cute to see how babies and toddlers just let their tummies pooch out? They don't know to suck in their gut like grownups do. There's something that's just refreshingly honest about how they go blissfully along, not caring if anyone sees their fat.

  8. Baby hugs – babies will be hard at work playing, and then suddenly drop their toys and give you a hug. How great is that? Grownups don't do that. Older kids don't usually do that. But babies just suddenly realize that they love you and they want to show it. Sometimes they'll stay around to cuddle, but more often than not, they'll simply go back to their toys.

  9. Baby kisses – babies don't know how to pucker up, but they've been kissed enough to know that they should press their mouth against you. So they open wide, and slime the side of your face in their little attempt to kiss you. The imperfection of this will melt even the Grinch's heart.

  10. Expression – babies are so honest with their emotions. They don't worry about what you will think, or how they come across. They just express whatever they feel at the moment.

  11. Little socks – you will have dozens of itty bitty socks, some of them so small you can't even fold them up together. Everything that goes with a baby is itty bitty. When my son was younger, I could wash every outfit he owned in one load, and he had a lot of clothes!

  12. Bottoms up – my son refused to sleep on his back. So against the SIDS people's advice, I let him tummy sleep. Every baby that I've seen tummy sleep will curl up with their legs bent up under them, and sleep with their bottoms up in the air. It's so adorable.

  13. Wonderment – everything that we take for granted is new and exciting to a baby. Whether it's going to the mailbox, or running to the bank – babies are amazed at all they see. There's no boredom, unless they're strapped in a stroller. They want to see, touch and taste it all.

  14. Christmas – you haven't experienced Christmas until you have a baby. Having a baby so small and fragile really helps you think what it must have been like for Joseph and Mary. No one would ever choose for anything so precious to be in a dirty, smelly barn.

  15. Easter – now that I've had a baby, I can't ever think of Easter without remembering that Mary His mother was there at the cross. I can't imagine her pain as she watched her baby suffer. Knowing that Jesus came to Earth as such a frail thing as a baby has renewed my faith as I watch my son. God loves His Son way more than I ever could love mine, but He loved us - sinful, imperfect, ungrateful us - enough to send His Son to live among us and die. I was grateful for salvation before, but now knowing the love a parent has for their child, I am amazed that anyone could love so much as to sacrifice this.

  16. Trust – babies trust wholeheartedly that you will keep them safe. They watch you with their expressive eyes, nuzzled up against you as they drink their milk. You will never experience anything quite like this.

  17. Attachment – to a baby, you are their world. They hate to see you go, and they get so excited to see you when you've been gone. Other loved ones may feel the same, but not to the degree that a baby does. Who else will give you a big smile first thing in the morning, and start jumping up and down, just because you walk into the room?

  18. Development – I love to watch my son figure things out. You can almost see the wheels turn in his brain as he investigates things. The leaps and bounds that he takes in development are amazing.

  19. Helping – babies love to help, even if they aren't too good at it. For example, my son has seen me unload the dishwasher countless times. So every time he sees the dishwasher open, he'll toddle over and pull things out, regardless if I'm loading or unloading it. He has such a big smile as he pulls things out and gives them to me, I don't have the heart to correct him. I just thank him and wait for him to turn around before I put it back in.

  20. Baby giggles – there's no better laugh in the world than that of a baby. Their whole body laughs. They can't fake laugh. Their whole face lights up, and they stop what they're doing to just laugh.

  21. Sleep – as much as I love my son, I love it when he's asleep. He is so adorable when he's asleep. When he was a baby, his favorite place to sleep was on me or hubby. I guess we made him feel safe. He took many naps curled up on us. Having a baby sleep on you makes you feel ten feet tall. You're invincible, because you have this amazing little life to protect, that loves you and trusts you so much that it wants to sleep on you rather than any comfy bed.

  22. Reason for a new camera and/or a new camcorder – after all, you need to capture every precious moment and cute thing they do!

  23. Tax credit – people with kids don't pay as many taxes.

  24. You can come late and leave early for anything, and it's okay.

  25. Baby dance – whenever babies hear music, they all do the same baby dance, where they bounce up and down with their little bubble butts.

  26. Theology – I've learned more about how God sees us watching my son and I interact than I've learned in a lot of sermons.

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