September 29, 2007

Questions a 10-Year Old Would Ask

Everybody has been writing such intelligent posts lately that I feel the need to dumb things down a bit (and I've also had a fever this week, which always makes me think weird things).

  1. Would you rather repeat 6th or 9th grade?
  2. Would you rather find ½ a roach at the bottom of a cereal box, or a whole live one at the top of the box?
  3. Would you rather use a seemingly clean public restroom that has no toilet paper, or an obviously dirty public restroom that has toilet paper?
  4. Would you rather take care of a toddler that has a top-end flu bug, or a bottom-end flu bug?
  5. Would you rather have uncontrollable B.O., or uncontrollable halitosis?
  6. Would you rather drink water from a used dog's dish, or a just-cleaned toilet?
  7. Would you rather have 2 broken legs or 1 broken arm?
  8. Would you rather have a waitress with a bad cold, or a waitress who sprays spit when she talks?
  9. Would you rather have to wear coke-bottle glasses or 23-hour-a-day headgear?
  10. Would you rather have a car whose horn plays “Dixie” or a rap song?
  11. Would you rather find out that the restaurant you just ate at has a bad health rating due to employee hygiene, or from rats, roaches, and rodents?
  12. Would you rather have alopecia or teretz?
  13. Would you rather be homeless or in prison?
  14. Would you rather live next door to a tatoo parlor, or a halfway house for ex-cons?


  1. 1. definitely 9th
    2. 1/2 at the bottom
    3. clean, if they are paper towels
    4. bottom-that way something catches it when it happens.
    5.halitosis and a pack of gum
    6. clean toilet
    7. 1 broken arm by far
    8. cold-people with colds usually take precautions to not get their germs on others
    9. head gear--that would end eventually.
    10. Are you kidding? The Dukes of Hazzard were my fav show as a kid!
    11. rats, roaches and rodents. Humans are just nastier somehow
    12. the first one--what do you mean "dumb it down a bit"? I've had to look up two words in the dictionary while reading this!
    13. homeless
    14. not much difference huh? I'll take the tatoo parlor.

    Here's another one:
    Would you rather be a deaf musician or a blind painter?

  2. Being a deaf musician seemed to work out pretty well for Beethoven, although he started off being able to hear. Judging by today's modern art, I can't see blindness stopping me from becoming fabulously successful if I did paint.

  3. 1) Sixth. I miss recess.

    2) This question will give me nightmares. Definitely would prefer a live roach at the top. The alternative would mean I'd have eaten half of a roach! I'm going to be sick...

    3) Neither, I'll hold it.

    4) Neither, I'll hire a nanny.

    5) Halitosis - it's why God invented mouth wash.

    6) Neither, I prefer Coke Zero out of a bottle.

    7) Legs. That way I can keep updating my blog.

    8) Neither, I'd prefer just to have the waitress fired.

    9) Since I've experienced the former as a child, I vote for the latter.

    10) I'm all about the rap. Gangsta for life!

    11) Human hygiene. See #2 above.

    12) Teretz for sure. It seems like such a fun ailment!

    13) That depends...does homeless imply I would also be poor? If no, I could easily remedy the situation by renting a hotel room.

    14) Ex-cons for sure. They fear me.

  4. Are you sure these are questions a 10 year old would ask? I must be getting dumber! I had to look up the meaning of a couple of those words myself!
    1. The 6th - my last wonderful year of elementary school!
    2. A live one on top would gross me out, but at least I wouldn't have nightmares about what I had just eaten if I found it at the bottom!
    3. Definitely a clean one regardless of the toilet paper - it's possible to drip dry!
    4. Bottom end! As a mother of little ones I'm used to that smell, but smelling vomit makes me feel like joining it. Yuck.
    5. Halitosis - I can keep my mouth closed.
    6. A clean toilet
    7. 1 broken arm (preferably my left)
    8. Cold germs are less scary than the germs in some people's saliva.
    9. Head gear
    10. Dixie
    11. That's tough - they can both carry extremely nasty and dangerous diseases.
    12. Do you mean turrets? I guess alopecia - I could always wear a nice wig!
    13. Homeless
    14. The tatoo parlor

  5. 12. I misspelled it also - Tourette's

  6. 1. I was gonna say 6th, because 9th grade is of the devil, but my own 6th grade year was horrible and I was homeschooled in 9th. So, 9th.
    2. Whole on top, for sure.
    3. I like toilet paper. I can cover the seat with it. Also, this bathroom is more likely to have SOAP.
    4. Bottom end. I'm with Renee on "sympathy vomiting."
    5. Halitosis. I could stand back, chew gum, etc.
    6. Dog dish. Aren't their mouths supposed to be clean?
    7. Broken arm.
    8. The spit would be okay if it didn't land on me.
    9.Headgear. I always thought it looked cool and used to put headbands in front of my mouth as a kid.
    10. Dixie, of course.
    11. Can't I choose between the pestilence? Roaches would be plenty.
    12. Alopecia. Then I could have all kinds of crazy wigs.
    13. Homeless.
    14. The tatoo parlor would be fascinating, the halfway house scary.

  7. this is lyndsay...
    1. I have very fond memories of both- 6th was so carefree before the pressures of "youth group" and school outside the home, 9th was my first year at Evergreen where I discovered my Queenly status.
    2. At the top- I would just throw the cereal away.
    3. clean! I could improvise
    4. yikes, top I guess
    5. well, I almost said halitosis but the dictionary said "fetid breath" and that sounds terrible. So I would take B.O.
    6. Dog's dish!!! No competition. Josh, you're gross.
    7. arm
    8. cold
    9. head gear
    10. Dixie
    11. I think I'd go with human hygiene. I guess it's obvious now that Josh and I have different views on gross stuff.
    12. Tourette's. I already have a form of this disease.
    13. homeless!
    14. I agree with Leah
    to Josh's- blind painter. I agree with Heather on that subject.


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