September 24, 2007

Lessons to Take

While I have taken lessons before on some of these, I don't feel as though I gained much from those lessons. In these areas, I would like to have a degree of proficiency, not just a general knowledge of...

  1. Foreign language – to be practical, Spanish. For fun, sign language or Hebrew. Yes, I know I sat in two years of Spanish class with several of you, but I spent most of my time passing notes. I want to learn a language conversationally. I do not want to conjugate verbs, which I can't even do in my native language.

  2. Sew with a sewing machine – I took sewing lessons when I was a kid, but all I can do is basic sewing with a machine. I can't do anything fancy like a buttonhole or pleats. The sewing machine I learned on was ancient and it had a bobbin problem, so I never was inspired to try to do more. I like making things, but since I do it by hand, I get bored with it before I'm done.

  3. Car maintenance – I know how to check my car's fluids, air pressure, and change a tire. But I'd like to be able to look at things and know whether or not they need replacing. I'd also like to know how to replace or repair things. Even if I don't plan on ever doing these things myself, I'd like to know when the mechanic is being truthful.

  4. Bake pastries - I can do everyday cooking, and I even tried my hand at bread last week. But I feel like a “real” cook can make things like baklava. I doubt I ever would take a lesson on this however, because the classwork would cause me to outfat my fat clothes.

  5. Ice skate – I am hysterical to watch ice skating. I stick to the edge of the rink, and I won't skate on the ice if too many people have skated on it, because I don't know what to do when I hit a chunk of ice. I have pretty good balance, but I hate falling, so I can't ever relax and skate smoothly. I just don't want to be the only adult in the ice skating class.

  6. Guns – I am a proud owner of a gun, and I know how to load, clean and shoot my gun and others similar to my gun. I would like to be able to know how to load, clean, disassemble, etc. any gun that I would most likely encounter.

  7. Play and orchestra instrument – I was in band very briefly as a kid, but I didn't like the lesson book. Since I know how to read music, I thought the book was very slow moving. The church I attend has a wonderful orchestra, and since I can't sing in the choir, I'd like to play in the orchestra.

  8. Horseback riding – I like the idea of being able to saddle up a horse and ride smoothly, without hanging on for dear life. I also would like to know how to take care of a horse. Trouble with this is, I'm slightly scared of horses. Christopher Reeves' helmet didn't do him much good.

  9. Knit/crochet – I can knit the basic stitch, but not matter how much I knit, I can't seem to get fast at it. I've seen other people knit who are just a blur. I'd like to gain speed and also be able to do the fancier knits. Crocheting also looks like fun. If I could do these, I could make presents, give myself a hobby, and save some money!

  10. Sing – I've taken singing lessons, but never long-term. I love to sing, and I understand that I'll never be a good singer, but I'd like to become a better singer.

  11. Carpentry – I don't so much want to know how to build as in the New Yankee Workshop, as I want to build as in This Old House. I like doing hands-on things that give a sense of accomplishment. There's only so much joy one can get from a pile of clean clothes. I think that seeing a floor that one laid, or a new addition that one built would give a far greater sense of satisfaction.

  12. Cut hair – as I have yet to send hubby to get a hair cut that I like, I'd like to learn how to cut his hair myself. Yet another way to save money!

  13. Dance – I've already written about how I love to dance. I've had some lessons, but I'd like to take more. I'm self-conscious and stiff when I dance, so I'd like to lose those bad traits.

  14. Wilderness survival – I discussed this with a friend this past weekend. I don't want to take the classes on this, I just want to know that if I was in the woods unprepared for some reason, I would get out alive. Provided I had a knife and a piece of twine, of course.

  15. Accounting – I have a horrible time getting my checkbook to balance, and I always have this feeling that I could pay fewer taxes if I just knew more. There are many wonderful accounting software programs, but the programs can only do so much. I don't think I would ever take a class on this however, as I have a bad problem with switching the order of my numbers and writing them backwards and upside down.


  1. Actually Heather you have friends and /or know people who could help with many of these things. Saige could help you with your singing, Lyndsay could show you how to sew, David could teach you some car maintenance, Steve could help with the orchestra instrument....why not get started?

  2. ...and I could teach you how to do everything else. I'm very prolific.

    Except for the wilderness survival thing, that is. I'd die after one hour at Yellowstone Park.


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