October 24, 2006

What's the Mother of Invention?

Necessity, of course. And why is it the "mother?" Because mothers are the ones who usually take care of the kids and as a result find themselves in all sorts of situations that require quick thinking. Such as today. Bored of my usual afternoon routine, I decided that BB and I would go to the Galleria Mall. He was a good baby for about 20 minutes, but then he got bored. I wasn't done at the mall yet, and for some dumb reason I didn't think to pack toys. So what do I finally come across to entertain my son with? Money. - Now, before you start thinking things, it was sheer fluke that I even had cash. I was just trying to find something that had color to it. And no, germophobic readers, I didn't let him touch the money. - So there I am at the mall, in front of perfect strangers, waving money in front of my young son's face, saying things like "Oh, look! It's money! Does baby see the nice, green money? Money, money, money! Isn't that a funny word?" All the while I am doing this, I am thinking that at any moment, some local yokel is going to think that I am a rich person who just has horrible fashion sense and is going to stalk me to my car. I tried putting the money away, but every time I started to, he'd cry. And the Galleria is too small a mall to keep a toy store open, so I couldn't even make a desperation toy buy. I finally bought what I came to the mall for, and we made it back home without incident. Rest assured, though, that from now on, the diaper bag will have toys!

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