October 13, 2006

My Little Angel

You never really know what it's like at other people's houses. For instance, last Saturday night, BB decided that he and Daddy needed to stay up until 5 A.M. Every time DH tried to put him down in his crib, BB would start screaming. So DH had to wait until BB pretty much passed out from exhaustion to put him to bed. Too bad Daddy has to be up at 7 to get ready to go to church on time. Despite his lack of sleep, BB was all eyes as I took him to church and dropped him off at the nursery. When I came to pick him up after church, all of the other babies in the nursery were wide awake, either being fed or rocked. My baby was sound asleep in a swing by the window. As I gathered him up to leave, he was too sleepy to even wake up. The lady who was taking care of him that day remarked that it sure was nice to have a baby who slept so well. She looked so happy to have drawn the "good baby" card that day. Perhaps she should come over and watch him some nights?

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