November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

A rare moment of silence covers my house as I write this entry. Although it is still 2 days until the titled event, I decided to post now 'lest I do not have a chance later on. Exactly one year ago today, I saw my precious baby on his first ultrasound. He looked like nothing more than a peanut with a dark blinking blob inside. But that little blob was in fact my baby's heart, beating, beating, beating... from the moment I saw it, I knew that I would move heaven and earth to keep that heart beating. And woe be to anyone who stands in the way of that happening. Mother bears have nothing on me in that regard. One year ago today, my dream became a reality to me. So much has happened in this past year to be thankful for... so much that I don't deserve. I'm not one to be preachy, but isn't it wonderful that we so rarely get even a fraction of what we do deserve, and are usually flooded with what we don't deserve? Silence can be broken at any time in my house, so I'd better finish this entry quickly. I am thankful for...

A healthy baby boy, who weighed 10.5.2 at birth, despite 9 months of morning sickness

Tiny hands that hold my finger in a death grip as I hold his ba (bottle)

A face that breaks into a smile as I enter his room to pick him up from his crib

Waking up to the sounds of gurgles and coos as he talks to himself in the mirror (though this doesn't always happen)

The sound of laughter as he is still young enough to think I'm funny, and not old enough to know that I'm just plain weird

Being able to solve all of his problems - there will come a day when he will have a problem that I won't be able to solve

Eyes that follow me all around the room, and notify the voice to cry if I leave his line of sight. Yes, I know he will get "ruint" if I never leave, but it's nice to be someone's whole world

His soft fuzzy head that he burrows into my chest as he tries to fight oncoming sleep

The smell of freshly washed baby - which usually means that I now need a bath. Ever seen a bird bathe? BB's kinda like that

Ten little toes that try to wiggle out of socks and shoes

A little pink tongue that tries to lick anything that comes near it

The satisfying heavy weight of a sleeping baby in my arms - why does sleep make a kid gain 20 pounds?

The list goes on to more that I can think about now...this entry is a departure from my normal jocular entries, but every once in a while I do stop with the sarcasm and jokes and get behind what drives it all. I hope everyone who reads this entry has their own list, and that this start of the holiday season goes well for all.

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