August 25, 2006

Beware of Gurgling Pants

I had a late night last night. I went to bed early enough, but I was awoken around midnight by DH asking me how to clean something up out of the carpet. I replied that he should use carpet cleaner, and then I had the horrible thought that DH may have dropped a bottle full of milk onto the carpet. Dreading the thought that my living room might smell like sour milk, I walked into the living room. Rather than spilled milk, however, it seems that BB taught DH a valuable lesson about strange noises last night. DH now knows that any strange sounds coming from a diaper means take the baby and run to the changing table.

DH was sitting with BB on his lap last night when he heard a gurgle from the diaper and noticed BB was concentrating. Not wishing to disturb BB, DH thought that he would sit there with him until he was sure that BB was finished with his very important task. Then DH heard a second gurgle, and suddenly became aware that his lap was wet - and warm. Looking down, DH saw a horrible sight - BB's work running up over the top of his diaper, onto DH's pants, and then spilling over onto the carpet below. Hence, the reason for the carpet cleaning question.

I would have much rather have had the bottle of spilled milk!


  1. Ahhh . . . the joys of parenthood! Looking on the bright side, though, at least BB wasn't constipated! Constipated babes and suppositories can be flat out DANGEROUS! lol (Just think rocket launcher . . .)

  2. LOL, now that's a great way to kick off your blog! :)


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