August 2, 2006

It's Only Gross if it's Not Your Baby

Ahh... the joys of motherhood. Whether inspired by precious few hours of sleep, or my love for the little guy, I find myself putting up with things I would never tolerate from someone else's child. Take yesterday, for instance. I was feeding BB his dinner, when he snuggled down in my arms and made a contented sound. I thought at first that he was merely enjoying his "Mommy is feeding me" time, when I became aware that my lap was becoming warm. And wet, I might add. I look down to see that my darling baby boy had instantly turned the contents of his bottle into another liquid, the sheer volume of which had overflowed his diaper onto me. Ordinarily, this would have resulted in someone else finishing feeding the baby. But since it's my baby - no problem. I change both of us, and we are soon settled back down. After finishing the bottle, I lift BB up to my shoulder to burp him. He looks at my face, makes a gassy smile, and promptly spits up down my shirt... Isn't motherhood wonderful? Just think of the stories I will have to tell his girlfriends one day! Yet it's worth it.

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