January 4, 2013

Weeks in Review, Part I

I apologize in advance for the pictorial onslaught. As one of my reasons for blogging is to document my kids, I have serious catching up to do...
Something that I saw online and decided to emulate with Grace was the idea of a weekly picture. I am so glad that I did this. Seeing Grace grow and change in these 52 pictures is just amazing. Rounding up 52 different pieces of cloth, blankets, etc. was a challenge, but worth it.

 In this picture, Grace is on one of my baby blankets. I only have a few pieces from my babyhood, and just a couple of pictures, so this was really special to me.

The quilt in the back is a quilt that my incredibly talented friend Saige made for Grace. I love, love, love this quilt. I will have to do a future post just on this quilt so you can see all of the extra-special detail she included. I am so blessed to have the friends that I have, even if our kids do keep us from seeing each other very often.

 This picture brings tears to my eyes. This is a picture of hope. The fabric in this picture is actually a sheet that I bought years ago, before I was even pregnant with BB. I bought it because I hoped to one day have a daughter and be able to use it in her room. After 6 years, I was finally able to use it. This sheet will pop up again in Grace's birthday pics ;)

This is just some random fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby. There are several pieces of fabric that coordinate with this that I might, one day, turn into a quilt - if I ever get over my love/hate relationship with sewing machines!

This is a throw that my birth mother gave me when I got my first apartment.


Yet another Hobby Lobby fabric.

This quilt was made by a group of women in Appalachian Kentucky who make quilts to raise funds for their community. My mother's side of the family comes from this area. If you've ever read the book "Christy," you know the type of people who live there.

 My great-grandmother made this quilt for me when I was a little girl. It was the next to last quilt she ever made. 

 This quilt was also made by my great-grandmother, for my mom. This is my favorite of her quilts.

This is another Appalachian quilt.

More Hobby Lobby fabric.

Just a pretty Christmas-colored throw. I wanted the background fabrics to give an occasional clue about what time of year it was when the picture was taken.

 This is the fabric I use for the kid's Christmas tree skirt. I love the original "Charlie Brown Christmas" and watching it together is a family tradition.

Random Christmas throw - the look she has in this picture just cracks me up.

 This is actually my Christmas tablecloth. I ended up using several different tablecloths during the course of the year.

 Yet another Christmas tablecloth. I bought this the first year DH and I were married.

And, once again, a tablecloth. I really liked this tablecloth, as it was PVC. Tacky, I know, but when you have kids, easy clean is the way to go. Unfortunately, I set a hot cookie sheet on it this year. We now have a Christmas drop cloth for our next painting project.

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