January 8, 2013

A Bricktastic Birthday

BB turned 6 half a year ago, and I'm just getting around to blogging about it. Better late than never! BB has been into Legos since he was two years old. As Lego bricks typically come in 2-dot interval, picking a theme for BB's 6th birthday was a snap. I really had fun decorating for this party. Actually, I have fun decorating for all parties... :)

This was the present/goody bag table in the kitchen. I wrapped our presents to BB (more Legos, found for a fantastic price at a yard sale) in solid paper to resemble Lego bricks. I thought about making coordinating 3D dots for the tops, but decided against it since they would only be thrown away.
I don't know how well you can tell in the picture, but the bags are supposed to look like Lego minifig heads. They were a snap to make - just buy some solid yellow bags (I got mine at Target), and cut part of the top off and draw on a face. One of the attendees is a girl, so her person received a bow. The party guests each received a mini Lego coloring book that I found online and printed out, some Lego-ish brick crayons that BB and I made from recycled old crayons, some Lego stickers, and Lego candy. I initially was going to buy a real Lego mold for the crayons, but then I saw the silicone mini-brownie sheet for 50% off at Michaels. I decided that a smooth square was close enough to a Lego brick for me. I bought the Lego candy off of Amazon. It really does stack up like Lego bricks, and it taste kinda like bottle cap candy.

When the guests arrived, I had several Lego and birthday-related items on the table by the front door. Each year, I have the birthday guests sign a children's book related to that year's party theme. When BB has children of his own, I will give him the books for his children. This year, instead of a Lego book, I had guests sign "Now We Are Six" by A.A. Milne. As part of the decorations, I put pictures of BB at different ages in solid colored frames around the party decorations.

Guests were invited to guess how many Lego bricks were in the jar and place their guess in the Lego box. The winning guess won a small Lego kit.

I don't know why Blogger is being dumb and not allowing me to rotate my pics, but this is what BB wore both at his party, and on his actual birthday. I got the shirt from a lady on Etsy. I had the option to have BB's name put on the shirt, but I don't like having my children's names on display.

For years, BB has wanted a pinata at his birthday parties. I told him 6 once upon a time, as it sounded so very far away. Of course, he remembered that, so there was no way we were going to get around that this year. The pinata went great, though. I think the fact we only had a few kids helped.

The birthday cake, of course, was Lego too. I got the idea off of Pinterest. The bricks are pound cake and the dots are marshmallows held on by toothpicks. Other than cutting the cakes straight, assembly was a breeze. Icing, however, was not. I kept accidentally getting one color onto another color as I was icing the bricks. I had a hard time getting the right color for the icing as well. Next time, I will spring for the actual food coloring you are supposed to use with icing.

I wasn't a fan of this cake, but BB loved it so that's all that mattered. For the candles, I used some Lego-looking candles I found at Target (in the party section, not real Lego brand). I also cleaned some minifigs up to use on the cake to look like they were putting the candles on the cake.

On the morning of his actual birthday, we followed tradition with birthday donuts. We had to get up early that morning, as we were headed to Atlanta for the rest of BB's birthday present - Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta!

BB had fun at the center looking at the Lego creations. The Lego version of Atlanta was especially amazing.

Some of the parts of the city moved, such as planes for the airport, and most of the buildings had lights. Each discovery center has a Lego version of it's city.

One of the biggest hit with BB and other kids who were there that day was the quake center. Kids could build a Lego building on the platform and then spin the dials to simulate an earthquake.
I don't know if we will return to the discovery center; as it's a bit pricey for what is offered. But it was a good way to end a very Lego birthday!

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