December 9, 2010

Half the Fun is in the Eating

Of all of the fun things we do at Christmastime, one of the most anticipated is the gingerbread house.
The icing must be taste-tested to make sure that it will work to hold the pieces together.
After the pieces are together, the house must be decorated -
on all sides.
The finished masterpiece must be captured on film along with the artist,
and then consumed.


  1. You are brave to do this with a child so young. I don't know if I could do it. Although it looks like YOU mostly did it because it looks so neat and orderly.

  2. In my defense, it was a kit so it really wasn't hard. And DH and BB actually assembled it; I just took pictures :)
    BB helped affixing the candy on the doors and such; it helps that he's very detail oriented.

  3. very professional looking :)
    and what a great idea to attach licorice to the roof! my kids would go crazy over that one.

    looks like a wonderful family time!


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