October 17, 2010

My Very Busy Mini Vacation

During the second weekend of October, DH, BB and I went on a vacation with my parents. The trip started out as just a day trip to see the Georgia Aquarium. However, when I went online to buy tickets, I noticed that the Aquarium had ticket packages for multiple venues. My dad offered to pay for our hotel room, so we settled on the Aquarium/Six Flags package. Just because we didn't already have enough planned, we decided to tag on Stone Mountain Park's Lasershow Spectacular as well.
We left Friday afternoon for Atlanta, and ate at The Varsity once again. We went mid-afternoon, and I'm sad to say that the quality of the food wasn't as good as it usually is at lunch time. But it was still The Varsity :)
Saturday morning, we went to the Aquarium. It. Is. AMAZING.

There are the standard wall tanks,

as well as opportunities to see things from above.

Sharks and stingrays were a big hit with BB,

as were the whales.
The only downside of the trip to the Aquarium was that I twisted my knee crawling out of the penguin exhibit. Fortunately, we had viewed most of the exhibits by then so we didn't miss too much.
We ate a late lunch/early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, thanks to Miss Debbie's post. None of us had been there before, and it was delicious. Everyone loved what they ordered, and we each had to take our cheesecake slices back to the motel for later. We were stuffed!
Saturday night, we drove over to Stone Mountain Park for the lasershow. Admittance to the Park is $10 per carload. The show is shown onto the mountain's bas-relief, with seating either in the field or on the terraces. We opted to pay a bit more and sit on the terrace, which guaranteed us a seat in addition to a drink and popcorn.

The world's largest bas-relief, featuring the images of Lee, Jackson, and Davis.

waiting for the show to begin

Ooo, Aaahhh, Wow...
Sunday morning found us dragging a bit due to the previous day's adventures. We still made it to Six Flags before the gate opened, however. Thanks to ordering the tickets online, we were able to walk right in.
Unfortunately, BB could only be persuaded to ride 2 rides. The rest of the time was spent meandering through shops, and playing on the kid's playground. But at least BB got to "meet" some of his favorite characters:

Just don't tell him these aren't the real characters, okay?

blogging: the new millennium's alternative to slide shows! ;D


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I was happy to see you tried the Factory and that you were pleased. We went to the Laser Show several times when the kids were young...it's always great! I would enjoy going again. Glad BB liked the characters.... our boys were frightened by them the first time they went to Six Flags! :-) Don't tell them I said that!!

  2. I'm tired just looking at the pictures! It looks like you had a fantastic time. I love the aquarium pictures!


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