September 22, 2010

Apple Picking

The highlight of our Blue Ridge trip was apple picking at Mercier Orchards. Ever since BB saw Curious George pick apples, he has wanted to do the same.

The orchard has been in business since 1943. In the picture below, the building with the red roof is the old apple house for the orchard.

For $6, you can pick a small bag of apples, and for $12 a large bag. Since there were 3 of us, we opted for the large bag.

The orchard offers tractor rides every few minutes to and from the orchard, allowing you to take as long as you want to pick. Even better, the staff encourages you to eat apples while you pick!

All of the apples that are currently in season can be picked, so you can create your own mix of apple types.

Each type of apple is marked at the beginning of the row, with several rows available for each type of apple.

Using strategic maneuvering, we were able to fit about 20 apples in our bag. The U-pick isn't exactly a bargain if you're going just for the apples.

But for the memories, you really can't beat the price.


  1. What is it the commercials say..."priceless"? We always went peach picking with our kids...that was great fun,too!

  2. I love that last picture. So sweet!


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