June 11, 2010

Eye Chart Art

I'm back with some more wall art, after being inspired yet again by Britt. I seem to be in a wall art kick right now. I have one more wall art project to show off after this, and then I promise I'll try to find something else to post about :)
Britt's version of this turned out much better, so if you're going to copy this idea, go to her blog :) For my project, I used words from one of the songs sung at my wedding:
Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.
God bless our love.
I played around with the spacing and text size until I found what could accommodate the text and still look similar to an eye chart. I think the key for this to look more like a real eye chart is to have less text. Still, the end result turned out interesting enough:

In case you're wondering about the mat choice, I just used a mat that I had on hand. This is yet another free project. I want to use either a different color mat (but what color?) or reprint this with no mat, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Suggestions?

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  1. Brett is very creative, isn't she? I've enjoyed seeing her things and thinking they might be good ideas for a bride I know who will soon be decorating a new place to live!


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