May 3, 2010

If You Have A Weird Dream...

You should probably wake up.
Yesterday afternoon, I took a nap. To be precise, BB and I took a nap. Or at least I thought we did, because when I last looked at him, he looked asleep. But apparently he was just waiting for me to konk out. At some point during my (very) brief nap, I vaguely thought something about a mop. Then I heard shrieking. However, it wasn't until I heard DH tell BB not to wake me up that I woke up. Because BB was supposed to be asleep next to me. And DH was supposed to be outside working on the yard.
Long story short, DH happened to catch a glimpse of BB on the kitchen counter through the window. BB was happily filling cups of water at the kitchen sink and dumping them out on the kitchen floor. And singing, "Dumping out the water! Mopping up the floor!" To his credit, he did have the mop out and he had tried to mop up the water. But there's only so much that a Clorox quick mop can absorb. I guess that's the last nap for me!


  1. Oh no! I remember one afternoon a few years ago taking a nap with Baby Owen and Toddler Maddie. When I woke up, Gavin had unwrapped Christmas presents and was playing with them!

  2. I don't think I took a nap until Amanda was in high school!! :-)

  3. Oh, what a surprise! The last few times I tried to comment, it wouldn't let me. I just decided I would try again and ...voila! I have a blog now.Woud love to have you visit sometime!

  4. Oh, my. That is too funny. Well, if you're laughing, that is :)


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